Discounts and informations
Early booking 5% (5 months before departure)
Frequent clients 5%
2nd week 5%
3nd week 8%
4nd week 12%


  Liguria: Genova Marina di Porto Antico, Marina del Fezzano (SP), Portovenere

  Sardegna: La Maddalena (SS)

  Sicilia: Portorosa (Me)

    Boarding and going ashore (week)

Imbarco e sbarco (Weekend)
   Boarding and Check in: Saturday 6 p.m. Boarding and Check in: Friday 6 p.m.
   Return at dock: Friday 6 p.m. Check Out and going ashore: Sunday 6 p.m.

   Check Out and going ashore: Saturday 8 a.m.


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