“What’s your name?” My son Tommaso, who at that time was about 1 year old, would answer: “Mommy.” Back then, Tommaso was starting to discover the world around him.
When I bought my first sailing boat, an Oceanis 331 Clipper, I thought of this name as a good luck charm for my first experience in the world of sailing. I also liked the name because I thought it will remind me about keeping alive the same curiosity and desire for adventure that children have.

Today, the company has grown and hits the see with more experience, but with the same enthusiasm that we are sure we will be able to pass on to those who will want to sail with us.
Matto per la Vela offers sailing and motor boats rentals, both our own and of our affiliates, in all of the Mediterranean Sea and in the most important docks at La Spezia, Portovenere (SP), La Maddalena (SS) e Portorosa (ME). Our skippers are also available for providing a safer and more relaxing experience.
For a deeply relaxing vacation, we also organize cruises with individual boarding and "navigazione in flottiglia" everywhere in the world.
If sailing is a hobby for you, we can provide varying degrees of management on the boat and customized packages.

                                                                                                      Nicoḷ Cislaghi